Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

Hans, the Viking


"Hans, the Viking", sounds not really swedish to me!.

 photo SAM_2173_zpsgx11kmed.jpg

The routing:*

Service SAS SK 1017 operated by LN-RNU "Hans Viking"
Scheduled:   16.15  //  17.20
Actual:   16.15  //  17.25

An SK original it is, airside since 11.12.2009

Also here, no special stories are to show

But sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1524 at all and no. 66 on the B737

Counting something new with the actual visited airports map.
No. 370 it is!:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving sunny northern Sweden again, out of the "Skellefteå Flygplats". Heading for the "Stockholm-Arlanda Flygplats" down the south!.
The pictures are here:
 photo SAM_2151_zpssrb10uqh.jpg

 photo SAM_2152_zpsmyzjrw9g.jpg

 photo SAM_2154_zpsyjb8wk23.jpg

 photo SAM_2156_zpsc3agho9h.jpg

 photo SAM_2157_zpsihynt9hj.jpg

 photo SAM_2158_zps3zhrrsxa.jpg

 photo SAM_2160_zpsvyxn4ssg.jpg

 photo SAM_2163_zpsfbw9appl.jpg

 photo SAM_2164_zpszpwjeqcp.jpg

 photo SAM_2166_zpsmyeecivh.jpg

 photo SAM_2167_zpsh0asmkxz.jpg

 photo SAM_2168_zps99l2iwwo.jpg

 photo SAM_2169_zpsxxedpmec.jpg

 photo SAM_2170_zpsjkd7zg9g.jpg

 photo SAM_2172_zpsct5qams7.jpg

 photo SAM_2174_zpsqsspxoc4.jpg

 photo SAM_2175_zpsxfjpmz1a.jpg

 photo SAM_2176_zpshdzhncvd.jpg

 photo SAM_2177_zpsz43myznx.jpg

 photo SAM_2178_zpsrckrnwxb.jpg

 photo SAM_2179_zps4ipx40sj.jpg

 photo SAM_2180_zpslzkuuknc.jpg

 photo SAM_2181_zpschd0objr.jpg

 photo SAM_2182_zpsv7fchu3a.jpg

 photo SAM_2183_zpsmyucryxn.jpg

 photo SAM_2184_zpseemmchge.jpg

 photo SAM_2186_zpsi8ofaqmq.jpg

 photo SAM_2187_zpspjewiyjd.jpg

 photo SAM_2188_zps6hjhg851.jpg

 photo SAM_2189_zpsqosyq8qa.jpg

 photo SAM_2190_zpsv3rzn21p.jpg

 photo SAM_2191_zpswmeovcff.jpg

 photo SAM_2192_zpsunp8pmua.jpg

 photo SAM_2193_zpstkhro9y5.jpg

Nice it was. Should I go for Northern Sweden again?. I should!.

More to come.
Adjö. The Tripreporter.

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