Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Sun, snow and SIR


"Sun, snow and SIR", looks certainly like not the everyday routing!.

 photo SAM_1133_zpssxgxa8sz.jpg

The routing:*

Service Swiss International Airlines LX 2840 operated by Helvetic Airways HB-JVO
Scheduled:  09.05  //  09.50
Actual:  09.10  //  09.50

Originally delivered to Niki at 09.06.2009 the plane is nowadays in Helvetic colours

No special stories are visible

But sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1484 at all and no. 54 on the Embraer 190

Here we see the early 200 visited airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Well, it seems you need sun and a clear sky for a flight like this in Switzerland. Fresh and foggy it was at the "Flughafen Zürich" and more and more clear in direction Valais, the "Aéroport de Sion". Like pre-ordered, the days before cold and snow and superb sunny announced for the weekend. Not to talk about these marvellous views along the way for one or two or thousand snowy mountain peaks!.
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_1114_zpsosr9jlap.jpg

 photo SAM_1115_zps6krea5oj.jpg

 photo SAM_1117_zpsai25aspf.jpg

 photo SAM_1118_zpsfempaaul.jpg

 photo SAM_1119_zpsb3azbnln.jpg

 photo SAM_1120_zpsm3hhhuy6.jpg

 photo SAM_1121_zpssu4pdgfa.jpg

 photo SAM_1122_zpsy5vju49v.jpg

 photo SAM_1123_zpseyvblqxq.jpg

 photo SAM_1124_zpsw6bq509e.jpg

 photo SAM_1125_zpsnruos411.jpg

 photo SAM_1126_zpsmp52jyyg.jpg

 photo SAM_1127_zpslikch0gv.jpg

 photo SAM_1128_zpsoif5fosw.jpg

 photo SAM_1129_zpsi2nw023l.jpg

 photo SAM_1130_zpsodv4wrnc.jpg

 photo SAM_1131_zps13rtrbmb.jpg

 photo SAM_1132_zpsjw1iycyn.jpg

 photo SAM_1134_zpsfhjsgg0o.jpg

 photo SAM_1135_zpsanqu3gku.jpg

 photo SAM_1137_zps20asnx2r.jpg

 photo SAM_1140_zpswul1k0ei.jpg

 photo SAM_1141_zps66t6asix.jpg

 photo SAM_1143_zpsne9ii4h2.jpg

 photo SAM_1145_zpsvur0igim.jpg

 photo SAM_1148_zps8ekdasqx.jpg

 photo SAM_1149_zpsejrwwox4.jpg

 photo SAM_1150_zpsupow9fds.jpg

 photo SAM_1151_zpsldtxobvx.jpg

Definitely a special and really nice experience it was on these out-of-the-ordinary routing.
The plane continues to London-Heathrow and straight back to pick up a number of english ski tourists, maybe not even aware that this is something special.
Ok, that`s the way it is.
The service will be operated four times by Swiss/Helvetic to check the market conditions these way.
May I see someone from the crew later again?. Now that might be a surprise, or not?.

More to come.
Au revoir. The Tripreporter.

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